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Dipl. Pharm. Ing., Naturopath

Family and System installer

DORN therapist

1 universe, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas

- and we found each other!

There is no way through life.

Windings, obstacles, one-way streets, vital junctions must be overcome. And yet all of these challenges make sense.

We are sure that your way to this side of us has an important reason and holds an important message for you, maybe even the mission of your life ...

A real wealth of knowledge awaits you ...

In this short video I introduce you to the phenomenal and unique of ours

GREAT MASTER HEALTH ADVISOR training and explain to you in detail what awaits you in the 18 months of training . I wish you a lot of joy and inspiration while watching.


Sincerely, your Corina

Your key to success:

your personal master role

Gain your life force by deciphering your authentic master plan .

Main master topic:

You'll be trained for systemic Instructor

with self-experience documents from seven generations to remember the true self and personal uniqueness for a whole life in health and joy of life

with the aim of living authentically, with ease and harmony of body, mind and soul

- as a source of strength for further life.


Blockages dissolve. You feel liberated.

You can live your calling successfully, healthy and happy.

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