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Light pulse massage



Dear Corina!

Of course I work with Powerlight as often as I can. A very good device. Use for spine, pain, psychological complaints, dementia, strokes.

Not always, or mostly, the clients do not notice anything. But: they become calm and relax. Therapy is much more relaxed after that. Strictly speaking, they are small things that have an effect over time. Eg thoracic vertebrae are pushed out again and again through work. After more than 10 sessions, the vertebra remains in there without any additional treatment, only half an hour bio-physio once a week. Stroke: every time tingling on the affected side or both sides. So far, spasticity has been avoided. ADHD: Child calmer afterwards, but does not stop. I suspect: more errors in parenting than ADHD. Stiff-person syndrome: Client only feels something sometimes, but feels comfortable with it.

Of course I also use it. Am thrilled.

After 3 weeks, having taken me out of the race with the flu, I'm excited to see how my thoracic vertebra is doing. Well, my wish was a 2-3 week break to recover. The universe immediately granted my wish.

- Kind regards, Marie-Luise -

X-Powerlight can be used in a relaxed manner while sitting or lying down. Coded light waves pleasantly flow through the muscles and nervous system. Without any side effect. An application takes an average of 20-30 minutes. It makes sense to continuously include around 10 applications in the training or therapy plan (possibly more for chronic diseases).


Important! Since the biological cell regulation of the muscles works at cell level and water is a very important carrier medium, you should drink plenty of still water before and after the treatment. In addition, a healthy diet, sufficient exercise, restful sleep, fresh air and life-affirming thoughts. You can be worth that much!


Mode of action

Easy - Fast - Pain-Free - Sustainable

X-PowerIight is a light pulse massage with red light (630 nm). This light is absorbed via skin receptors such as sunlight and via nerve pathways to the

Brain forwarded. Information chains are sent from the brain to the muscles (muscle spindle), which can activate self-regulation of incorrect posture (atlas, jaw, pelvis, leg length). Your body and the cells (DNA) remember the building plan and the statics of a healthy posture. The basic application stimulates the metabolism, the immune system and ensures oxygen enrichment throughout the body.


Areas of application

Sport - training - therapy

Misalignments such as pelvic inclination lead to different strains / tension in the muscles and in the medium term to increased joint wear and pain. Training in this bad posture means the manifestation of future or existing pain and symptoms. Prevent it!

A sensible back therapy should always include an activation of the self-regulation of malpositions in order to relieve the intervertebral discs and muscles in order to ensure a faster therapy success. Obvious, right? In the sports sector, they are among the winners! You gain more power through muscle pulls of the same length with less joint wear and a better oxygen supply.


X-Powerlight works like chocolate

X-Powerlight is neurocybernetic bio-photon therapy. Loss of the original matrix leads to imbalances in the postural apparatus! The biophoton activation reminds our brain of the original matrix and reacts in a balancing manner via the CNS of our skeletal system! The applications according to Dorn and Breuss significantly stabilize the ongoing success!


Experience shows that within two minutes this intelligent red light photon aligns your body, starting with pelvic inclination, jaw misalignment, leg length differences ... it's just unbelievable. You will feel the new alignment immediately during the treatment. When you take the first steps, you will perceive the new body feeling. Applications for symptoms and pain of all kinds.

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