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"The common knowledge process

brings the solution. "

For this very reason, I have decided to share with you all the knowledge that I have gathered in over 30 years of my life, which is characterized by curiosity, a thirst for adventure, the spirit of research and numerous personal experiences.

With the GREAT MASTER HEALTH ADVISOR training, I want to pass on the essence of it. Valuable well-known as well as the latest methods are ingeniously networked with one another. The aim is to complete an extensive training course of all complexity in 18 months, 72 days and 576 hours.

It is divided into nine modules that take place in Germany and abroad. You will be enabled to develop holistic growth potential for body, mind and soul. You learn to develop a loving relationship with yourself, with your family and with each individual from your system of origin. As part of a high-energy training group, the shared, happy processes of knowledge will shape your entire life.

Together we will create your personal map for phenomenological work in everyday life. You will experience how we are inseparable from the world around us, outside of space and time. Modern quantum physics helps us to think big and wide and to feel with the heart. My successful, systemic work, which has been developed over the years, relates to methods of body work to remove blockages in the muscles of the spine, to integrate emotional trauma, but also to care for scars and promote meridian flow energies. A wide variety of massage techniques are used, for example to calm the nervous system or relieve joint pain. The spiral muscle training brings you into physical balance, whereas old beliefs are released through eye movement techniques.

The entire training is pervaded by the red thread of our ancestral family. Because it is she who lets us be here at all and deserves the corresponding appreciation. In places with high energetic quality we will realize deep rituals that nourish our lives. Just as we have found ourselves, we carry the essence of these 18 months, like the Olympic flame, out into the world.

Be there and apply now. I will offer this comprehensive GRAND MASTER HEALTH ADVISOR training once and then continue to work with the crew trained there. Legally secured, we will implement this concept in special clinics, health facilities as well as in private companies. It is your calling for the future. We start on January 17, 2020. Applicants will be selected after an initial meeting. I'm happy for you.

Your training coach

Corina Wohlfeil-Großer

Dipl. Pharm. Ing., Naturopath, family u. System installer, DORN therapist


Our lives are not ours, we are connected to others in the past and present. And with every crime and act of kindness, we create our present.

- from "Claude Atlas" -

• Born in 1962 • Children and adolescents belonged to the sport of “Olympic speed skating” in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) • 10 years of professional experience in pharmacies • Pharmacy studies at the University of Leipzig • Pharmaceutical representative at Wörwag-Pharma, Stuttgart for vitamins, electrolytes and minerals. Pharmaceutical representative at Neuraxpharm, Langenfeld for psychopharmaceuticals • from 1991 own seminars on the topics of fasting and awareness • 1992 opening of bio pharmacy health products for wellbeing and health. • Heilpraktiker since 1994, since 1995 own practice with academy in Suhl • 1997 meeting with Dieter Dorn in Lautrach - birth and work place of Dieter Dorn • 1998 - 2005 training as systemic therapist and family constellation with Bert Hellinger, among others • 2000 chair of the spine eV academy , Professional association of self-help organizations (currently 1,600 members). • 2000 Award of the Doctor of Medicine - Honoris Causa / MD (MA) HC The Open International University for Complementary Medicines • Since 2000 Head of the training for health consultants / trainers and therapists • 2002 Author of the book: “Health and happiness” • 2006 expansion the Biothek ( for internet trading and wholesale for therapists • 2006 monthly systemic work family constellations in groups at different locations (Bad Sulza, Suhl etc.) • 2007 development of the homeopathic medicine: “thorn complex” for the musculoskeletal system available in Biotheque and pharmacies • 2007 degree in Ayurveda - practitioner and yoga teacher at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka - Prof. Dr. RS Jayawardane • 2009 support of the health project Heilgarten in Alanya • 2009 - 2015 speaker on the systemic DORN back degree method at the Dorn Congress, congress for medicine and consciousness, specialist conference of neurosurgeons and regular seminars in our own academy • 2010 initiator of the magazine “Rückenspiegel” and the association magazine "RückGrad-Journal" • 2010 TV broadcast with the television pastor Jürgen Fliege with the topic "Overcoming the boundaries to the spiritual" • 2014 Creation of a training and regeneration week in Alanya for everyone who is looking for a new calling and is interested in health - several times a year • 2015 20th anniversary as a naturopath with her own practice • 2015 - 2019 editorial management of the health journal of Natur Rückgrad eV • health seminars and training trips to Germany and Turkey

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