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Our lives are not ours, we are connected to others in the past and present. And with every crime and act of kindness, we create our present.

- from "Claude Atlas" -

“Systemic thinking encompasses wholes and not individuals. It pays attention to the rules that apply in the whole and the interactions that exist within and between them. Systemic thinking thus leaves the categories of cause and effect (and thus guilt) in favor of a circular perspective. Everything in the system is interrelated. Humans are not isolated individuals. Therefore, every action is aimed at asking what significance it has for the system in which the person lives. "


Phenomological coaching has its origins in systemic work. By creating a systemic situation for an everyday or health problem, a moment arises in which a solution can be found for every situation at the same time.


The gain in knowledge for coach and client arises from the phenomena that are directly given.


Through the wealth of experience I have acquired over many years, I have trained perception in such a way that I am able to perceive these impulses in order to then find the right amplifiers for a healing and solution process.


Extensive experience in this area has shown that this approach has repeatedly generated approaches on different levels (body, mind, soul) for apparently unsolvable situations that have miraculously made the initial problem disappear.


Target groups for lectures, training courses, workshops or individual appointments are:

  • Individuals who have questions about health, family, career

  • Entrepreneurs / executives on the topics of health prevention, personnel development and success



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