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The planned process

In 18 months, 72 days and 576 hours

to your own mastery

The mind as such has no limitations other than those that it accepts or sets itself.

A mind is held captive only by its own beliefs.

Now is the time to set yourself free and throw all old beliefs overboard.


An incredible journey awaits you. The goal: You yourself ...

Main master topic:
Systemic instructor with self-experience documents from seven generations to remember the true self and personal uniqueness for a whole life in health and joie de vivre with the aim of living authentically, in lightness and harmony of body, mind and soul - as a source of strength for further life

January 2021
Tübingen: Start with constellation work - open group

Opening event with presentation of the unique awareness of creation and the goal of training in the group. Part 1 for health advisor training: Aligning the body, spine, leg length, joints, balancing the muscles, releasing tightnesses in the musculoskeletal system.

Public constellation work for mindful perception

January / February 2021
Tübingen: Part 2 with
1st certificate as a health advisor
Practice, repeat, optimize posture

February 2021
Suhl: EMDR coaching with Daniel Paasch

2. Certificate as a coach for EMDR

March 2021
Lanzarote: Training as a bio-cyberneticist with Prof. Erdinger and X-Powerlight with a quantum systemic background, bio-photons and scalar waves

3. Certificate of bio-cyberneticist from the Academy for bio-cybernetic medicine

April 2021
Münster or Bad Boll: health advisor for
excess base lifestyle

4. Certificate from Jentschura: Healthcare worker for excess base hygiene and lifestyle

May 2021
Systemic instructor - topic: mother and father as well as ancestors

June 2021
System. Work part 2: Working in the knowing field and the present family, creating palm leaf-like document rolls for connection to our ancestral system, from which our strength comes when respected and healed.

August 2021
Prague: PLC technologies according to Dr. Smisek

5. Certificate as a trainer for spiral muscles and holistic regeneration

September 2021
Energy medicine: Part 1 meridian system

October 2021
System. Work part 3: Own phenomenological approaches to healing every stressful situation (family, illness, inheritance, vocation)

November 2021
Alanya seminar trip: Soak up the sun and strengthen your inner strength with all methods that are available to us as tools.

December 2021
Energy Medicine Part 2: Kinesiology, Scars, Taumata

January 2022
Energy Medicine Part 3: Meridian Clock

6. Certificate of Energy Medicine Therapist

February 2022
Bali as a final strengthening ritual and legally secure implementation of self-employment and speaker activity for Natur RückGrad eV

February-April 2022
Appointment for training and

7. Certificate: Practitioners in massage techniques

May 2022
Graduation time for the
8th certificate: Instructor for systemic force fields

Closing ceremony at a surprise location with a star guest!
9th certificate planned by the EU with the title of Holistic Health Advisor of the EU , summer solstice June 2021
Termination with title

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Your personal support

during the entire training period.

Zehra Facial Rieken

informs you about all events and organizational processes, discusses your arrival and departure, accommodation options etc. and takes on all your (heart) concerns.

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