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When selecting suitable speakers, Corina Wohlfeil-Großer attached great importance to authenticity, expertise and passion for their calling. A team has come together that works energetically at the highest level and guides the MASTER impulse through a wide variety of areas of knowledge. Look forward to getting to know all these figures in their field. Working with them will inspire you to become a master in your own field.

Important! Corina Wohlfeil-Großer, as head of the MASTER health advisor training, will always be personally on site at all seminars / coaching sessions in order to keep the group energized and to relate what has been learned to the overall concept of the training.


We introduce ourselves ...


Course: EMDR processes


Daniel Paasch is considered the "inventor and founder" of integrative and systemic child and youth coaching in Germany and is the founder of the IPE (Integrative Potential Development) with over two thousand graduates of the IPE coaching and additional potential training.

Daniel Paasch combines well-founded specialist knowledge with extensive practical relevance and has been offering his popular training courses and individual coaching to companies, educational institutions, families, managers, students, young people and children for many years.

DR. Med. Smisek

Bitmap in Spiralmuskeltraining Prag_neu_

Course: Spiral Stabilization in Prague

Dr. med Richard Smisek is a doctor for manual therapy and, in the Czech Republic and far beyond, a recognized figure in the field of muscular therapy. His methods complement the DORN applications and self-help exercises in an excellent way.

He himself comes from sports medicine and developed the SM-System therapeutic gymnastics, which brings fast and effective healing after a slipped disc and other spinal and joint problems. SM means functional stabilization and mobilization of the spine with elastic rope.

Tushantan Balasingam


Course: Massage Techniques

Text career Tushantan

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