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"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."

- Mark Twain -

Understand the master's health advisor training primarily as self-awareness training. Because we want you to use it as a personal growth process in order to be able to pass on the fullness of life to your future students. As a graduate of this master’s health advisor training, our offer is open to you to work as a speaker at the Natural Back Graduate Academy and apply your knowledge in special clinics or health institutions.

I would like to pass on the knowledge I have gathered over the past ten years to absolutely first-class trained healers who are called in their hearts. The essence of my experiences in health-promoting work on people fills the 18-month training.

  • 18 months of training with 9 individual certificates from recognized academies

  • 9 large modules in 18 sections

  • 576 presence hours

  • Self-study between the training modules

  • Creating opportunities for practice between the present times

Here are the preliminary key data for your master’s health advisor training

Your training content

DORN-RückGrad-Method • DORN and Breuss • Release of spinal blockages • Correction of pelvic inclinations • Compensation of leg length differences • Self-help exercises for all joints

• Relaxation massage from ankle to atlas • Special cervical spine massage

• Spiral muscle training with elastic rope • Energy work • Integrate shocks and trauma in the muscles into the limbic system • Scar care • Kinesiology • Learn meridian massage of all 12 main meridians and apply each other on the body • Systemic work • Family constellations and master plan

• Honey massage • Sports massage • Ayurveda massage • Abdominal massage • Deep osteopathic movements • Fascia massage • In-depth understanding of quantum physics and its applications

• SPS method as a whole • Learning and trying out a base-excess lifestyle and diet • Personal hygiene and hygiene • Deacidification, detoxification and purification

• Knowledge of vitamins and minerals and much more

In this spontaneous interview, Corina Wohlfeil-Großer, training coach for the Grosser Master's Health Advisor, answers the most important questions that Janina Dajczak received in the Naturally RückGrad editorial team.

We hope you enjoy watching it and don't let the occasional background noise bother you;) Please keep asking us your questions. Gladly to:

Phenomological coaching

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