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Training according to Dr. med. Richard Smisek on prevention and therapy

Dr. Smisek is a doctor for manual therapy in Prague, he comes from sports medicine and is the recognized player in the field of muscular therapy in the Czech Republic. He developed the SM-System therapeutic gymnastics, which brings quick and effective healing after a slipped disc and other spinal and joint complaints. SM means: functional stabilization and mobilization of the spine with elastic rope. His methods complement the Dorn applications and self-help exercises in an excellent way. The goal is to adopt the optimal posture in everyday movements in 15 minutes of daily exercise.

Seminar week with spiral muscle training and manual techniques & active regeneration vacation in the beautiful cultural city of Prague


What's in this week for me?

You yourself regain the feeling for your inner center, feel your body in balance again. Your condition will be improved considerably. You take part in a very intensive physical training session, which links all muscles together again and gives you a new feeling for your body.

Abdominal training while standing
Your awareness of straightening your own body will be strengthened. You will acquire knowledge of how you can also train other people for improved posture. In combination with the DORN method, self-help training (spiral muscle training) is suitable for all people who need help with their musculoskeletal system. After this week you feel upright and aligned, noticeable in the corridor. You will learn a perfect training program that ideally keeps the inner center and regenerates the whole body. Training, massage and relaxation are practiced together. You will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and discover the beautiful city of Prague.


As a seminar and spa stay at the Kurhotel Smisek with Dr. Smisek


The training course takes place in the training rooms of the treatment center in the spa hotel Smisek. There we find excellent conditions for learning this self-help, prevention and rehabilitation technique:


Learning the 12 most important basic exercises in a daily lesson with Dr. Smisek. Introduction to the spiral muscles and anatomy. Introduction to manual stretching techniques with traction and mobilization. The spa stay includes a daily individual treatment by his employees, with his manual techniques, free time for Prague and a joint program. Half board, seminar, daily training and manual individual treatment, free use of the swimming pool and whirlpool area.


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